Inspection/Lab Capabilities

  Test Methods Hardness testing Rockwell Rockwell superficial Brinell Equotip Microhardness testing Vickers 100-1000 gm Knoop 100-1000 gm Automated microhardness depth profile Case depth testing Total case depth (visual [...]

MTC in Action

Click on the link below to view our automated salt line: Automated Salt Line Click on the link below to see our oil quench furnaces: Oil Quench Furnace View the video below for our induction scanning:       [...]

Support Processes

  Processes Straightening Flattening Clamp tempering Chemical cleaning Degreasing Mechanical cleaning Glass bead blasting Aluminum oxide grit blasting Wheelabrating Rust preventative oiling   Process Features Shaft [...]

Induction Hardening

Processes Induction (case) hardening Induction tempering Induction annealing Shrink fitting Process Capabilities Induction hardening, induction tempering, induction annealing Meets AMS 2750 (pyrometry), AMS 2759, etc. [...]

Precipitation Age Hardening

Processes Precipitation (age) hardening Tempering in air Stress relieving in air   Process Capabilities Electric & gas fired air tempering furnaces Temperatures up to 1300°F Capacities up to 4000 lbs Work zones up [...]

Gas Nitride

Processes Gas nitriding – one-stage & two-stage Process Capabilities Gas nitriding in dissociated ammoniaOne-stage & two-stage (Floe process)Meets AMS 2750 (pyrometry), AMS 2759, CQI-9, etc.Capacities up to 4000 [...]

Atmosphere Annealing

Processes Bright annealing Hyperannealing Soft magnetic annealing Process Capabilities Atmosphere annealing in nitrogen or nitrogen/hydrogen Temperatures up to 1850°F Capacities up to 1000 lbs lots Meets AMS 2750 [...]


  Processes Austenitizing in endogas from 1450°F to 1650°F Quenching in salt from 550°F to 750°F In-line rinsing and oiling Optional secondary oiling and spinning Process Capabilities Neutral hardening Meets AMS 2750 [...]

Marquenching (Salt-Salt)

  Processes Austenitizing in salt from 1450°F to 1650°F Marquenching in salt from 325°F to 750°F Tempering in salt from 350°F to 500°F Process Capabilities Neutral hardening Austenitizing, marquenching & tempering [...]

Oil Processing

Processes Normalizing Neutral hardening Carburizing Carbonitriding Low temperature ferritic nitrocarburizing Process Capabilities Neutral hardening, case hardening, normalizing Meets AMS 2750 (pyrometry), AMS 2759, CQI-9, [...]
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