Gas Nitride

nitride pics 2015


  • Gas nitriding – one-stage & two-stage

Process Capabilities

  • Gas nitriding in dissociated ammonia
  • One-stage & two-stage (Floe process)
  • Meets AMS 2750 (pyrometry), AMS 2759, CQI-9, etc.
  • Capacities up to 4000 lbs lots
  • Parts can be masked for selective hardening
  • Digital furnace charting (T, t, %DA, P, N2 flow, H2 flow, etc.)

Process Features

  • Substrate must contain nitride-forming element(s) – Al, Cr, Mo, V, W, etc.
  • Substrate must have been previously tempered at 975°F min.
  • Very thin (<.001”), very hard compound (white) layer of epsilon nitrides
  • Modest (.001-.035”) nitrogen diffusion zone depth
  • High case hardness, wear resistance, galling resistance, fatigue life
  • Low part distortion
nitride pic 1