Metals Technology Corporation’s Quality Management System is ISO 9001:2015 registered by United Registrar of Systems.  Click here for a copy of our current ISO Certificate:  ISO Certificate

***As we all transition to ISO 9001:2015 or IATF 16949 the risk of these effects should be assessed. At MTC we identified the risk of negative effects for each of our processes and for conformance to ISO 9001:2015 we have now documented the actions we have in-place to mitigate these risks. As our customers assess the risk of outsourcing their parts to heat treating, we have created a matrix for you to use as a helping tool for that risk assessment.   QPM-003B Special Processes Risk Analysis Rev 02 (002)

 If you have any questions on any MTC process or this information, please contact our Quality Assurance Manager.

We also perform AIAG CQI-9 audit annually and are on the GM approved Heat Treat list.

Metals Technology utilizes uniPoint Quality Management Software.  uniPoint integrates with our ERP system to track all quality related tasks such as Calibrations, Internal Audits, Non-Conformances etc. so that we can improve and organize our data.

Zero Defect Policy

For hardness testing, Metals Technology uses either; MTC-2000 sampling plan which is based on the Metals Treating Institute MTI-2000 or ANSI/ASQ Z1.4-2008. Zero Defects are allowed.

Calibration System

Hardness Testers are calibrated NIST traceable by A2LA accredited sources quarterly, with verification performed every shift using NIST traceable test blocks.

Furnace pyrometry is performed per AMS 2750.

Hardness Testing

We perform Regular, Superficial, Knoop and Vickers Microhardness testing and Brinell and Equotip testing per applicable ASTM standards. Additional mechanical property testing can be performed by an outside A2LA accredited Laboratory if needed.

Metallurgical Staff Degreed Metallurgical Engineers are on staff for process evaluations and recommendations. Careful review of customer specifications are performed by these metallurgists to provide step by step process instructions to our production personnel.

Metallurgical Laboratory Our newly remodeled, fully equipped metallurgy laboratory and certified trained technicians enable us to perform complete inspection of microstructures, accurate analysis of case depths (total and effective) and surface hardness to assure conformance to customer requirements and specifications. We also have the capability of determining the chemistry of steels through the use of our Optical Emission Spectrometer.

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Super Systems Inc. Realtime Electronic Charting  All Heat Treat key process parameters are continuously charted using SSI’s Realtime software. This electronic record is kept forever & available to us in whenever needed.


Documentation / Record Keeping / Traceability All work instructions are generated using state-of-the-art proprietary software. The computer-stored process instructions & inspection results allow for quick review of completed orders and test data. These instructions and results provide repeatability of process, traceability and if necessary, implementation of corrective action. Documentation consists of hard copies of processed orders, furnace charts and metallurgical mounts. They are maintained for seven years on premises.