Gas Nitriding Services

aluminum processing plant with molten metal

Gas Nitriding Process Overview

aluminum processing plant with molten metal

Gas Nitriding is a case-hardening process that involves diffusing nitrogen into the surface of steel materials. It enhances the surface properties of steel components, primarily improving wear resistance, fatigue life, and corrosion resistance.

Process Steps:

  1. Preparation: The steel components are cleaned and placed in a sealed retort.
  2. Heating: Ammonia gas is introduced as the furnace heats the components to temperatures between 932°F and 1,076°F (500°C and 580°C).
  3. Nitrogen Diffusion: The ammonia gas dissociates into nitrogen and hydrogen. The nitrogen atoms then diffuse into the steel’s surface.
  4. Cooling: After achieving sufficient case depth, the components are cooled down, either slowly in the furnace or using a faster cooling method.

This process forms a nitride layer on the surface, significantly improving the material’s properties without compromising its core.

Gas Nitriding BENEFITS

Gas Nitriding offers an array of benefits that can be crucial for the performance and longevity of steel components.

Wear Resistance

The nitride layer formed is extremely hard and significantly improves the wear resistance of the component.

Fatigue Strength

The process enhances fatigue strength, making components less likely to fail under cyclic loading.

Corrosion Resistance

Gas Nitriding improves the corrosion resistance of steel.

Minimal Distortion

Since the process occurs at relatively low temperatures compared to other case hardening methods, the components have minimal to no distortion.

Case Depth Control

The process allows precise control over the case depth, making it adaptable to different application requirements.

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