Metal Straightening Services


Metal Straightening Overview

Metal straightening is a specialized process for correcting slightly bent, twisted, or deformed metal components. It involves the application of controlled force to reshape the material and restore it to its original or desired shape. Metal Straightening can be performed on various types of steel.

Straightening Techniques

  • There are several techniques used in metal straightening depending on the specific makeup of the component. These techniques include:
  • Hydraulic Straightening – Hydraulic presses or cylinders apply controlled force to straighten the metal component gradually and precisely. This technique is commonly used for larger and heavier components.
  • Heat Straightening – Heat is applied to the deformed area, causing the metal to expand and become more malleable. Then, the external force is applied to reshape the metal to its desired form. Heat Straightening is effective for certain types of metals, but caution must be exercised to avoid overheating or compromising the material’s properties.
  • Mechanical Straightening – Mechanical force is applied to the deformed area using specialized tools, such as hammers, presses, or rollers. The technician carefully manipulates the metal to restore its shape gradually. Mechanical straightening is suitable for smaller and more localized deformations.
  • Clamp Tempering – Pressing parts between steel plates and Tempering (heating) to reduce/minimize distortion.

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